ORA-19870 ORA-19504 ORA-17502 ORA-15041 When Restoring Backup

I was restoring a backup to Flex ASM instance when I get the next errorstack;

channel t4: restoring datafile 00069 to +CLOUD_PROD_DATA_DISKG
channel t4: restoring datafile 00075 to +CLOUD_PROD_DATA_DISKG
channel t4: restoring datafile 00077 to +CLOUD_PROD_DATA_DISKG
channel t4: reading from backup piece dbwebdb_c0s464nj_1_1
channel t1: ORA-19870: error while restoring backup piece dbclout_c1f432tc_1_1
ORA-19504: failed to create file "+CLOUD_PROD_DATA_DISKG"
ORA-17502: ksfdcre:4 Failed to create file +CLOUD_PROD_DATA_DISKG
ORA-15041: diskgroup "CLOUD_PROD_DATA_DISKG" space exhausted

I checked the space. Usually before start the restore look at the filesystem or ASM to check free space. From asmcmp (I like with -p parameter);

ASMCMD [+] > lsdg
State    Type    Rebal  Sector  Block       AU  Total_MB  Free_MB  Req_mir_free_MB  Usable_file_MB  Offline_disks  Voting_files  Name
MOUNTED  EXTERN  N         512   4096  4194304      5116       52                0              52              0             N  ACFS_CLOUD_PROD_TRZ_DG/
MOUNTED  EXTERN  N         512   4096  4194304      1020       52                0              52              0             N  ACFS_CLOUD_PROD_UDD_DG/
MOUNTED  NORMAL  N         512   4096  1048576     30717    21271            10239            5516              0             Y  OCRVTD_DG/
MOUNTED  EXTERN  N         512   4096  4194304     71676    71544                0           71544              0             N  CLOUD_PROD_ARCCLD1_DG/
MOUNTED  EXTERN  N         512   4096  4194304     71676    71548                0           71548              0             N  CLOUD_PROD_ARCCLD2_DG/
MOUNTED  EXTERN  Y         512   4096  4194304    747476   425468                0          425468              0             N  CLOUD_PROD_DATA_DISKG/
MOUNTED  EXTERN  N         512   4096  4194304      5116     4372                0            4372              0             N  CLOUD_PROD_RC1_DG/
MOUNTED  EXTERN  N         512   4096  4194304      5116     4372                0            4372              0             N  CLOUD_PROD_RC2_DG/

Of course, the column Rebal(ance) has value Y, ummm I suppose a new disk was added to the diskgroup but no rebalanced. With the nexts commands you can rebalance all the DG.

Execute the rebalance of my diskgroup;


To monitoring rebalancing;


I tryed the restores again with a happy end.


ORA-27102 When starting Database On Solaris

Last morning I got the next error when I was restarting a database;

ORA-27102: out of memory
SVR4 Error: 12: Not enough space
Additional information: 1671
Additional information: 16106127360
Additional information: 6291456000

Oracle try to allocate all memory in an unique chunck but there is not a chunck of this size avaliable. Operating system report this error to Oracle and Oracle show it us;

I have red about it is a bug (20635316) in ML/MOS. You have like workaround the hidden parameter

_use_osm = false

Of course, it is a hidden parameter and you must be carefull with it. Don’t set up in production enviroment.


ORA-01157, ORA-01110 Errors, When Query DBA_TEMP_FILES

Last morning I was migrating a database from filesystem to ASM, when I was quering the dba_temp_files get the next error.


ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01157: cannot identify/lock data file 201 - see DBWR trace file
ORA-01110: data file 201: '/pludev/pludev_temporal_01.dbf'

Ok, the CF file reference old temporary files on filesystem. You can check this by the next query (I have added news tempfiles on ASM);

SQL> select ts#, name from v$tempfile;

       TS# NAME
---------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
         3 /pludev/pludev_temporal_01.dbf
         5 /pludev/pludev_temporal_users01.dbf
         3 /pludev/pludev_temporal_02.dbf
         3 +PLU_DEV_DAT_DG/pludeV/tempfile/temp.298.955652617
         5 +PLU_DEV_DAT_DG/pludeV/tempfile/temp_users.299.943353021
         3 +PLU_DEV_DAT_DG/pludeV/tempfile/temp.300.945664717

6 rows selected.

In this case the easy way is drop old tempfiles (in filesystem format) as show in the next script;

alter tablespace temp1 drop tempfile '/pludev/pludev_temporal_01.dbf'; 
alter tablespace temp2 drop tempfile '/pludev/pludev_temporal_users01.dbf'; 
alter tablespace temp3 drop tempfile '/pludev/pludev_temporal_02.dbf'; 

After that, if you repeat the query on dba_temp_files;

SQL> select file_name from dba_temp_files;




How To Find Info About ORA-600

Last morning a coworker ask me about the best way of find documentation for ora-00600 errors. He told me Google (or anothers search engines) is the best option but I don’t agree with him. Of course Google and others are a easy ang faster way of find results but in this case I think the only way (if you have support) is Metalink/MOS. The not you must to use is;

Note 153788.1

It is  a simple web form and maybe the only option you have in this kind of problems.

HTH – Antonio NAVARRO.


ORA-24247 And ORA-29273 Errors

I have been reported the next stack error ;

ERROR en línea 1:
ORA-29273: fallo de la solicitud HTTP
ORA-24247: acceso de red denegado por la lista de control de acceso (ACL)
ORA-06512: en "SYS.UTL_HTTP", línea 1491
ORA-06512: en línea 1

The developer team send me the query that produces the error, it is the next;

set def off
select substr(UTL_HTTP.request('http://validate.sandbox.test2.es/services/sendmailing.phpmailingcode=M00241755&audienceid[CustomerID]=Email&fields[EMAILS]=xxxx@xxxxxxx.xx') ,1,4000) from dual;
set def on

In this case the problem is the acl privileges, the user executing the sentence hasn’t enough privileges, in this version ( it can be solve by grant connect permission like show below;

  DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN.append_host_ace (                                       
    host       => 'validate.sandbox.test2.es',                         
    lower_port => 1,                                                             
    upper_port => 1500,                                                          
    ace        => xs$ace_type(privilege_list => xs$name_list('connect'),         
                              principal_name => 'USER_STEVEN',                         
                              principal_type => xs_acl.ptype_db));               


TNS-03505 Error

Today a coworker ask me about the next error;

ora12c@motaf-1:~$ tnsping cloud.buey.com

TNS Ping Utility for Solaris: Version - Production on 10-APR-2017 10:28:02

Copyright (c) 1997, 2014, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Used parameter files:

TNS-03505: Failed to resolve name

In this case the problem was Oracle cann’t find the tnsnames.ora, it was moved to another path and TNS_ADMIN had not value. Set TNS_ADMIN enviroment variable solved the problem.



ORA-01830 And ORA-06512 When Peforming Upgrade

Last week I got the next error when I was upgrading from to


ERROR at line 1: 
ORA-01830: date format picture ends before converting entire input string 
ORA-06512: at "SYS.XS_OBJECT_MIGRATION", line 167 
ORA-06512: at line 28 
ORA-06512: at line 69

Because of this error the upgrade fail. It leave invalid the XML component and someone more. Look for error I found in ML/MOS the note 1958876.1. This is is a bug and it is necessary to apply an one off. After applyed it the upgrade work fine.