ORA-00604 When Tracing Using Trigger For Logon

Today I was making a trace (10046 + 10053) of a user, for it activated the same on the current connection. The issue is that the application in a window to give the button to get report, below generated a new connection to the database, so the current trace did not capture anything of interest. In these cases an old trick is to generate a logon trigger for the user, which first activates the trace. The problem was that in my case I only captured this in the trace and it was aborted;


dbkedDefDump(): Starting a non-incident diagnostic dump (flags=0x0, level=0, mask=0x0)
----- Error Stack Dump -----
ORA-00604: se ha producido un error a nivel 1 de SQL recursivo
ORA-01031: privilegios insuficientes
ORA-06512: en l▒nea 4


This is a version 12c. The first step was to give DBA directly to the user because I was in a hurry to solve the problem but the DBA role did not solve the ORA-00600, which left me a little puzzled. Looking at the security model (Oracle is making great efforts in this area in recent years) was something as simple as giving an alter session to the user, that is, directly.


I include a link to my GITHUB where I have my script to generate a logon trigger to activate traces.

Create Trigger Logon for Tracing





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