Using SSH with Jumped Host (With MobaXterm)

It may be strange to want to open an SSH connection using an SSH server to make a jump. The logical thing would be to connect directly to the destination server with SSH.

Everything has a because, in the case that I expose is because a provider has to connect from outside the local network to a server, but this provider only have access to a single machine from outside, can not go directly to the destination ( limitations of the communications department through firewalls and ACLs). So far what it does is connect to the input computer from the internet with ssh and from the open session run an ssh to the target machine.

Open MobaXterm


Choose the SSH conection



Set up the target host




Select Network settings tab.

Check Connect through SSH gateway (jump host), in my case is the  entry server to the local network.


Push OK button. That’s all, so easy




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