SSH Tunneling Using MobaXterm

In this post I will show  how to create a SSH Tunnel for connections to Oracle database. I will use a jumper host to get the database host. Remember that the information between your computer and the jump server is encrypted, but from the server to the database server it does not.



Push on New SSH Tunnel


You see a window like this


Check Local port forwarding


Now push Save buttom, you have a tunnel. Now you only need to activate the tunnel every time you use it. MobaXterm in its free version only allows a maximum of three tunnels. When there will be a tunnel, it will ask us for the user password of the jump server.

Now every time you connect to an Oracle database, you must specify in the connect string, the HOST must be your localhost or and in the port of connection to the listener, the port that we have put before as forwarded port. In this example the 7777.




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