ORA-31693, ORA-29913, ORA-29400, KUP-11011, KUP-11014 When Executing Impdp

Today I get the next error when perform a full import.

ORA-31693: Table data object "CLOUD"."HCO_TELMEM_BRO" failed to load/unload and is being skipped due to error:
ORA-29913: error in executing ODCIEXTTABLEOPEN callout
ORA-29400: data cartridge error
KUP-11011: the following file is not valid for this load operation
KUP-11014: internal metadata in file /temporary/uploads/fullcloud33.dmp is not valid

It is a bug (20690515), by use multiples dump files, generated in 10g, maybe trying reduce their number by create them more bigger work. If you hava support you can download from ML/MOS. In other case, you can use like workaround, if your tables support it, set up ACCESS_METHOD=DIRECT_PATH.




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