Calculating MD5 In HPUX

Today I need to check a patch downloaded from Oracle. I don’t remember the unix command to verify the md5 code. I put it here.

The MD5 code (is an algorithm) is used to generate a code (in hexadecimal) that is opted after passing this algorithm for the file that is downloaded. Normally the one that offers the software puts the same and a code that is that it has to match when we generate it when passing the MD5 to the downloaded file. This is used to certify that the downloaded file is good and has not been tampered with. Although the MD5 is being discontinued because it is already quite insecure, more robust algorithms are being used instead.

cloudex> openssl dgst -md5 
MD5( 342811de6db4e4d3ac86b35a2e6efb7c 
cloudex> openssl dgst -sha1 
SHA1( 514735cea58a32a0f1c53c87ddb77575d8016b97 

In the example I genereted the code for sha-1 too. Although this patch has code for the SHA-256 algorithm, openssl command not support SHA-256



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