I Cannot Delete Into ASMCMD

A coworker ask me about a problem he had when trying delete into the asmcmd. At shell prompt he can deleted without problems but from asmcmd doesn’t. He get the control and interrogation symbol like show below;

grid@mortir./grid/home/grid $ asmcmd -p                   
ASMCMD [+] > lsdg dddssss^?^?^?^?                                                                                                                  
ASMCMD-8001: diskgroup 'ddd' does not exist or is not mounted
ASMCMD [+] > exit                                            

The problem here is that the erase is not set correct. He needed to define the stty erase for the backspace key.

grid@mortir./grid/home/grid $
grid@mortir./grid/home/grid $ stty erase ^?



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