ORA-24247 And ORA-29273 Errors

I have been reported the next stack error ;

ERROR en línea 1:
ORA-29273: fallo de la solicitud HTTP
ORA-24247: acceso de red denegado por la lista de control de acceso (ACL)
ORA-06512: en "SYS.UTL_HTTP", línea 1491
ORA-06512: en línea 1

The developer team send me the query that produces the error, it is the next;

set def off
select substr(UTL_HTTP.request('http://validate.sandbox.test2.es/services/sendmailing.phpmailingcode=M00241755&audienceid[CustomerID]=Email&fields[EMAILS]=xxxx@xxxxxxx.xx') ,1,4000) from dual;
set def on

In this case the problem is the acl privileges, the user executing the sentence hasn’t enough privileges, in this version ( it can be solve by grant connect permission like show below;

  DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN.append_host_ace (                                       
    host       => 'validate.sandbox.test2.es',                         
    lower_port => 1,                                                             
    upper_port => 1500,                                                          
    ace        => xs$ace_type(privilege_list => xs$name_list('connect'),         
                              principal_name => 'USER_STEVEN',                         
                              principal_type => xs_acl.ptype_db));               



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