Error When Deploy Agent In EM12c Because Of Trash

Today I was deploying agents in several machines when one of them failed in remote validations. The error text is the next;

El directorio base de instalación “/agent12c” no está vacío.

Of course, it is in spanish. Translate to English would be similar to;

The base directory “/agente12c” is not empty.

I opened a ssh to the machine and take a look at /agente12c, it had a file, maybe created to validate permissions on this directory for the agent user. The solution so easy like remove the file;

mortadela-1:/agent12c$ ls -rlt
total 1
-rw-r--r--   1 agente12c  oinstall       0 Apr 10 09:42 dummy.txt
mortadela-1:/agent12c$ rm dummy.txt
mortadela-1:/agent12c$ ls -rlt
total 0
mortadela-1:/agent12c$ pwd

HTH – Antonio NAVARRO.


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