ORA-01580 ORA-27054 Erros When Create Data Pump File On ZFS

When I was generating a dump of a database by expdp on ZFS filesystem (Solaris with Rac 11G) I get the next error;

ORA-01580: error creating dump file /mnt/dbtbf01032017_01.dmp
ORA-27054: NFS file system where the file is created or resides is not mounted with correct options
Additional information: 3

After of search for more information about the error and working with the Sysadmin We have discovered the error in the mount point options for the ZFS.

In our case was similar to (Oracle recommendation for datafiles)


Changed for this (Oracle recomendantion for binaries)


The problem was the forcedirectio. I think the forcedirectio doesn’t use intermediate buffer to write to disk, of course, many times disk is a SAN/NAS and it use its own cache.



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