Expdp In Legacy Mode

What is Expdp Legacy Mode?. Legacy mode permits you use commands from old exp command (imp too), it is a solution for people who have scripts for exp and want not lots them. You can use parameter from exp or imp as usual.

How I know if legacy mode is in use. It is very easy, when output starts you will see a pair of lines like show below;

Legacy Mode Active due to the following parameters:
Legacy Mode Parameter: "consistent=TRUE" Location: Command Line, Replaced with: "flashback_time=TO_TIMESTAMP('2017-02-27 16:44:44', 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')"

In the example I need a consistent backup for move from a production enviroment to test. Consistent option not exist but expdp change it for flashback_time parameter. Please, remember that there are parameters like buffer that are ignored. For more information refer the next link;

Datapump Legacy Mode Doc.



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