How To Install Grid Agent 10 On Windows 2003 Server

Of course, I know install a Agent 10 on 2003 is not a good idea. My problem was I have had to install a Oracle 9.2 (this is getting better every time) for move platform (from Unix to Windows) of one very older database that it can’t be migrate to any version upper 9.

In this entry I post the steps to complete the Agent installation;

First of all you can download, the convenient (older) version at the next link;

Enterprise Manager Agents

After that unzip the downloaded file to a folder;


Execute the setup.exe under the correct path (In my case agent and the next window pop-up. Only the agent software, click Next.


Select the directory for deploy the binaries and click Next.


If all is okay, click Next. Else to correct the errors, warnings is possible to skip but not a good idaea.


Write the IP or HOSTNAME for you OMS and click Next.


In my case one problem more, the OMS is no secure, no data encryted over the net, anyone with a sniffer can view data. With much fear and courage I pressed OK.


I usually don’t set the access to MOS/ML, click Next.


The summary, click Next.


click Install.




All Ok. Click Exit.


Now from you OMS to check you can see the new machine.

HTH – Antonio Navarro





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