How To Know If Processor Is x86 Or X32 In Windows Vista

Yesterday I try some experiments in my laptop, it runs Windows Vista yet, of course, I must upgrade, but usually I work with Virtual Box and  VM Ware and it is enough for my. The problem arrive when I didn’t remember the processor architecture, I getting old. I like show in this blog entry a solution, there are some more.

First of all, Start, Run and write;


This open a window with a report, you must look for System Type;

“System based on”

Then this give us the operating system, If is x86 you run on 32 bits and if it is x64 you are on es de 64 bits. Of course, you can installed an operating system of 32 bits on a processor of 64 bits… This is not a good idea.

Drill down in Software Enviroment and click in Enviroment Variables, and look for Processor_architecture variable. In my case (AMD64).





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