Oracle Not Start With Windows Start up

Today, a coworker ask me about a problem with a database. He reboot the windows system but the database doesn’t started. He talk me the windows service is in automate state, in fact, the service started but no the database.

Tooking a look a regedit We can see the next photo;


in the picture, you can see the ora_sid_autostart entry, in this case is set to false. This the problem. With the next command you can change this value, in a official way, (is not recommended edit ora_sid_autostart entry and modified it);

C:\Users\admbbdd>oradim -EDIT -SID dbfin -STARTMODE auto

After refresh the regedit (or close and open again), the ora_sid_autostart entry has changed;



Oradim command has a log of activity located at $ORACLE_HOME\database named oradim.log.


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