Essential Recover Commands With Storage Snapshot

There are de basic commands for recover database when us are using third-party snapshots or storage snapshot (please remember not all san/nas storage providers support this feature, be careful). I posted about this funcionality before, maybe the best is you don’t need put the database in backup mode, I remember the old times when you need execute begin backup and end backup. Let me show the next commands;

For recover database using the last snapshot taken use;

recover database;

For recover database using a particular snapshot use;

recover database until time ’01/08/2016 17:00:00′ snapshot time ’01/08/2016 16:00:00′;

For incomplete recovery of database, using snapshot plus archive log (why not, can too be redolog file/s) use;

recover database until cancel snapshot time ’01/08/2016 16:00:00′;





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