Order Used When Importing Objects

In this post I like write some lines about how to import order for differents objects is performed. In the next list I show the order for 10g version. This order has changed sometimes depend on Oracle version. The list is make attend to simplified or reduce the possible errors when execute the import;

1. Tablespaces
2. Profiles
3. Users
4. Roles
5. System Privilege Grants
6. Role Grants
7. Default Roles
8. Tablespace Quotas
9. Resource Costs
10. Rollback Segments
11. Database Links
12. Sequences
13. Snapshots
14. Snapshot Logs
15. Job Queues
16. Refresh Groups
17. Cluster Definitions
18. Tables (also grants,comments, indexes, constraints, auditing)
19. Referential Integrity
20. POSTTABLES actions
21. Synonyms
23. Stored Procedures
24. Triggers, Defaults and Auditing





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