Copying Open Files In Windows

Some times we need to copy datafiles, for example to create a secundary or trial database, with all or some datafiles but the database is always on (24×7). You can copy the files using the Oracle utility named “ocopy”. It is similar to windows command copy but copy can’t copy open files. Of course, you can use rman and make a image copy.

You can see in the next example the description of ocopy command;

OCOPY v2.0 - Copyright 1989-1993 Oracle Corp.  All rights reserved.
    ocopy from_file [to_file [a | size_1 [size_n]]]
    ocopy -b from_file to_drive
    ocopy -r from_drive to_dir

And a simple copy of datafile;

C:\>REM I selected system datafile because it is always open for some process

C:\>ocopy f:\database\system.dbf g:\backups\system.dbf



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