Other Way To See Rman Configuration

Usually we use the show all command at rman prompt to see the configuration use for rman where a backup or restore is performed. In this example I like show the SQL way, for it we need connect to recovery catalog (It is different if we use controlfile as catalog).
The best is connect with the user propetary, but in this case I use a nominative user and referenced the catalog propietary user (rman2015). Let’s go;

Let me describe the RC_RMAN_CONFIGURATION view, it have the configuration for rman and each database;

SQL>  set lines 80
SQL>  desc rman2015.rc_rman_configuration
 Name                                      Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
 DB_KEY                                    NOT NULL NUMBER
 CONF#                                     NOT NULL NUMBER
 NAME                                      NOT NULL VARCHAR2(65)
 VALUE                                              VARCHAR2(1025)
 DB_UNIQUE_NAME                                     VARCHAR2(512)
 SITE_KEY                                  NOT NULL NUMBER

The next query get the parameters configured by database;

SQL> select db_key, name, value from rman2015.rc_rman_configuration;

Of course, the db_key column give us not too information or not very clearly, If you know the database name you can cross the db_key with the rc_database view;

SQL> select db_key, name from rman2015.rc_database;




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