Get ORA600 kolrrdl:0rfc From PL/SQL Developer

Today I found out the next error in an alert.log;

21-DEC-2015 14:28:35.77:
Errors in file $1$DGA523:[SAP.][USER]HORUS_SAP_FG_ORACLE_701.TRC;:
ORA-00600: cdigo de error interno, argumentos: [kolrrdl:0rfc], [], [], [], [], [], [], []


Doing some mining in several log files and also making several phone calls, I discovered that the problem It produced by a developer who is using PL/SQL Developer (it is a high quality tool). The error gives when He try get a XMLTYPE. After some more research I have seen that is the Bug 4745114. for which there is patch although the recommendation is an upgrade, of course, this version is 10g and It is older. In my case the issue remains pending (until ….), since it is a critical database (24×7) and any intervention takes a lot of decisions from many managers.


HTH –  Antonio NAVARRO


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