PRVF-7565 : Could Not Perform The Runlevel

Installing a patch this morning I get the following error;

Run Level – This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the system is running with proper run level. Details:

An internal error occurred within cluster verification framework The command executed was “/usr/bin/who -r”. The output from the command was “who: Cannot open /etc/inittab: Permission denied ”  – Cause: Cause Of Problem Not Available  – Action: User Action Not Available

PRVF-7565 : Could not perform the runlevel verification check on node “marmotac” PRVG-2043 : Command “/usr/bin/who -r” failed on node “saturn” and produced the following output: who: Cannot open /etc/inittab: Permission denied  – Cause:  Errors were encountered when trying to obtain the runlevel set on the system.  – Action:  Ensure that the command used to obtain the runlevel value ”who -r” can be run on the specified node and the file accessed by this command ”/var/run/utmp” has read access for the current user.

The problem is the /etc/inittab, This file have access only for root user. Grant read permission on other groups solve the problem.



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