Legato Exit Code 268435458 When Perform Archive Backup

The control center sends me the next error, reported from Legato tool;

Exited with exit code: 268435458, completion severity: INFORMATION(10), completion status: unexpectedly exited(2)

This error occurs when an archive backup of a database is done. I must say that this database is in OpenVMS and the issue of logs is quite different regarding Unix/Linux or Windows platforms. In this case the best option is launch RMAN script manually to see if it is a problem of Oracle, Legato, the integration of both or Operating System.

When throwing error manually it is clearly seen. The problem is that few archives have been restored to clone this database on another machine, then them have been manually deleted. The obvious solution is to run a consistency command and validate what exits physically on the disk and so do ignore if it not physically exists. We can do from RMAN with the following command;

RMAN> crosscheck archivelog all;

In this case there is no danger of ignoring archives for which they are in the tape (in my case there are two different sets/pool of tapes with the same backup, in case one tape fails I have the other pool) so the problem is solved. The archives backup is working again without problem.



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