ORA-20000: Unable To Analyze DBMS_TABCOMP_TEMP_UNCMP

Today appeared the following error in the alert.log

DBMS_STATS: GATHER_STATS_JOB encountered errors.  Check the trace file.
Errors in file /dsk2/chaodb/prod/server/diag/rdbms/chao/CHAO/trace/CHAO_j000_5410.trc:
ORA-20000: Unable to analyze TABLE "DOCUMENT"."DBMS_TABCOMP_TEMP_UNCMP", insufficient privileges or does not exist

The problem corresponds to the bug 9939773. The error is not critical, it is running at the same time the Compress Advisor with GATHER_STATS_JOB at which point the table DBMS_TABCOMP_TEMP_UNCMP to exist, which is a temporary table that Oracle uses to make recommendations objects on compression.

The error can be ignored, but another option is to disable the Compress Advisor, although in version 11g as in this case, you must turn off the Segment Advisor (of course, we would lose the recomendaiones space).


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