A Way To See The Performance Improvement

I recently migrated a database to another more powerful machine. the issue is that I have a scheduler that reconstructs two indexes every so often, and looking at runtime (in seconds) is a dramatical change. I remains to wait upcoming executions
to see what is trending.

 index_name              When     				Time
----------------------  ---------------------  -----

SUPPLY2_EST_EXECUT_I    04/NOV/2014 10:00:43   4164
SUPPLY_CODEOPERATION_I  04/NOV/2014 10:01:22   3904
SUPPLY2_EST_EXECUT_I    11/NOV/2014 10:00:39   3811
SUPPLY_CODEOPERATION_I  11/NOV/2014 10:01:20   4047
SUPPLY2_EST_EXECUT_I    18/NOV/2014 10:00:40   3869
SUPPLY_CODEOPERATION_I  18/NOV/2014 10:01:23   4290
SUPPLY2_EST_EXECUT_I    25/NOV/2014 10:00:48   4738
SUPPLY_CODEOPERATION_I  25/NOV/2014 10:01:33   4423
SUPPLY2_EST_EXECUT_I    06/ENE/2015 10:00:01     73
SUPPLY_CODEOPERATION_I  06/ENE/2015 10:00:01     29



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