Be Careful With Unlimited Dump Traces

Yesterday I was on duty. When I was home I received a phone call from a work center operation (24×7) indicating that was filling a disk and there were a lot of alarms. After connect to the RAC and investigating the problem in more detail, watching the alert.log, alarms grid control, trace files, etc. I saw it had filled a filesystem that is assigned to the database. The problem was that someone had put a trace with size “unlimited” to a process. In this case the process is a demon or latent, which is always in machine, never ends. The trace was several days, which activate the trace don’t remember to put it off. The trace file has been growing, for gigabytes, to eat the whole filesystem. So when you use the next command;

alter session set max_dump_file_size = UNLIMITED ‘

Remember to be very careful.



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