PRVF-4353 Maximum Open File Descriptors

Install a RAC in Solaris 10 I have received the next warning;

Soft Limit: maximum open file descriptors - This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the soft limit for "maximum open file descriptors" is set to at least 1024.
  Check Failed on Nodes: [beer-2] Check Succeeded On Nodes: [beer-1]  
Verification result of failed node: beer-2 
Expected Value
 : 1024
Actual Value
 : 256
PRVF-4353 : Proper soft limit for resource "maximum open file descriptors" not found on node "beer-2" [Expected = "1024" ; Found = "256"]  - Cause:  Soft limit for the resource does not meet the requirement on the specified node.  - Action:  Modify the resource limits to meet the requirement

The problem is a kernel parameter which is too low. You can change it including into the /etc/system the next line;

set rlim_fd_max = 1024



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