How To Simulate ASM Disks In Microsoft Windows

Often need to create test environments simple and quick to create tests. In this case we will see how easy it is to create a couple of ASM disks to use in Windows format. Of course, it would be best to create real disk partitions or create a virtual machine.


Once you have installed the software (you have to have created the CSS service), execute the asmtool command to create the disk;


asmtool -create c:\asm\asmdsk01 5000
asmtool -create c:\asm\asmdsk02 5000


This will create two files in c:\, inside the asm directory, with 5 gigas .


The trick now is to tell Oracle to create the discs are raws, so we must put asm instance init.ora these two parameters, the second would not need,but it does tell you where you need to start looking , he may later put the entire way.








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