Error ORA-02391

Today I have been notified the following error;


ORA-02391: exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit

The problem is that a user attempted to open more than five connections. The user has an associated resource profile in which he can open up to five connections, he try a sixth connection when he get this error. This limit is set for a subject app functionality. Basically there are two solutions, see for trying open a new connection over the five connections established, it has been the solution in this case. The other solution is to change the profile and set a higher value. The following command raises the limit to ten connections.


alter profile AGENTPRFL limit SESSIONS_PER_USER 2;

You can check the current value with the following query;


select * from dba_profiles where profile =’AGENTPRFL’
and resource_name =’SESSIONS_PER_USER’;




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