Dispatcher In Status Outbound

Today i have received an alarm indicating some abnormality in a dispatcher, examining in more detail I note that in the v$circuit there is a dispatcher, shared server with associated, but has no user and is in continuous state of outbound.


By documentation;

OUTBOUND Status: The circuit above dealer an outbound connection to another database.


It seems that the dispatcher are hang, and that never leaves this state, in this case the solution has been to eliminate the process from the perating system. Of course, to kill the dispatcher all connections to be removed by, so that we find a window where the impact on the system as small as possible, or we can try to guess, go by select on the v$circuit view for a moment where we see little or no activity to kill the process, but this is an danger option because there can be no activity at time t and at time t+1 may have the most critical process across the enterprise.





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