How To Reduce Consumption Of Physical Resources?

Today I have been requiered to lower the minimum resources for a database, which will be set in read mode. The issue is that share  machine with other databases, and  do not want to remove resources, mainly physical (memory, CPU, bandwidth). This is what I thought so far.


  • Download MEMORY_TARGET from actual to 0,5 Gb, according documentation can be lowered to 152 Mb (11g), but it depends on the machine as having rounded to the defined granule.
  • Lower the job_queue_processes to zero.
  • Put a BASIC statistics_level.
  • ALTER SYSTEM SET control_managemente_pack_access = NONE disables the license TUNING, DIAGNOSTIC and seems don’t run the AWR.
  • Lower the Processes and sessions parameters to 70-100 each.
  • Suspend backups (full + archives), do a final one (better off), retention must be changed to “keep” (forever or until time) to withstand a year or so deemed.
  • Open in read only (in this state consider removing archivelog).
  • Fix by clusterware set on a node, so you do not have to promote.
  • This set XDB, consider whether it’s worth stopping dispatcher and shared server.
  • The UNDO has a lot of gigas, reduce it.
  • Something generating audit and the audit_trail = “DB”, if set to READ ONLY should not be able to write, but would have to disable it.

Does anyone have any idea more? All are welcome.




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