Where Are The Traditional Jobs in EM?

The truth I usually do not use in a regular way EM or GUI interfaces to perform administration tasks. I started working on VAX and only had black screens (monochrome). Today, a coworker asked me if I knew where I could see the jobs (not the scheduler) in the EM. We have been looking for it for a while without success. I’ve finally gone to MOS and look for notes on the subject and I have found this document Doc ID 1068736.1.

Literally says there is no GUI interface, from 10.2 to last release ( for dbms jobs. The truth is that I have been very surprised. There are still many places where they are used, maybe by coming from migrations (older versions 7,8,9) and have not been updated to scheduler. I’m a fan of my scripts, but I understand that there are many people who could (or rather, need) use it in the EM.




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