Can Not Allocate Log

Last night I was to be on call, I was Notified differents process’ errors. When I connect to the database, I saw that all logfiles need archive. The Arch process to be well but for some reason the archives are not generated. No error messages in alert.log or trace files, just this the warning.


ORACLE Instance XXXX – Can not allocate log, archival required


So I decide investigate the disk where the archives are left. When I executed a dir command, this takes minutes to respond, possibly I have a problem with him or the SAN. Up here is where I can do, there ia a Storage Team and other for Systems that are responsible for these areas. Ten minutes after the disk starts to respond, although some batch processes have been stopped to lighten the load for this disk. The next day in the office, we will have to look to the Symmetrix with other teams about this problem.




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