ORA-02020 “Too many database links in use”

Today we have been reported this error, if you execute “oerr ora 2020” command at unix prompt you can see the solution proposed By Oracle;


// * Action: Increase the open_links limit, or free up some open links by
// Committing or rolling back the transaction and canceling open
// Cursors That reference remote databases.



Normally, these problems are the management of database links, you must to close them explicity . The command is;


alter session close database link <DBLINK-NAME>


After running the command, usually need to close the transaction (commit or rollback). On the other hand when performed commit or rollback in the session that has opened a database link, remains the session, but closes when it opens another database link.


One more thing, to see the database links opened you can use the next statement.


 SELECT db_link, in_transaction FROM v$dblink





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