Reserved Words

Today I have been reported a error by development team. when to create a table in a development environment they received the following error


ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00903: invalid table name

The error is relatively clear, in this case has the table name as a word of the SQL language. I was askedn if there is a list, website, manual, etc..  where see  the reserved words of language. In Oracle database the issue is relatively easy,  because there is a view named $RESERVED_WORDS that gives the list all language elements that are reserved and can not be used (though there is in some cases it did). Of course,  you need to give more privilege level to access v$ views for some users.
On the 12c version, this table includes a new column named  CON_ID to indicate use in NON-CBD or CBD.  For more information, refer to Oracle Documentation.




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