Always Compared To Oracle

Last week I was on a course of MySQL tuning, I will always go to courses of  databases with many going  expectations and hoping to discover many new things. The truth is that if there’s news about the new version (MySQL 5.7) and new features of the product but as in a course that I made on  May, it returned to repeat the fact that during entire course compared to Oracle.  I have seen this since the 90s, but the last years thoughts about being “top trending”.

From the point of view Oracle as market positioning is a real success be the constant point of reference  competition. On the side of the teachers / training centers to some comparative that’s fine, but you can limit the knowledge of  product and that seems wrong. For the part of the other  manufacturers (Microsoft, SAP Sybase, IBM …) are observed tend to copy up nomenclatur., There are already several RDBMS (more traditional)  in which speaks of  “tablespace”. Must be a little sad to have to adapt their products to be a kind of clone. Copy Vs  innovate.





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