Recycle Bin Demystified

The Recycle Bin is a feature of Oracle that stores tables and indexes when we make a drop table, the recyclebin parameter must be set to ON. Often this does not interest us and we desactivadad this functionality. But that does Recycle Bin feature really, basically what it does is rename the table and the indexes associated with this table, of course, includes management of the objects in the bin and a table that is in the trash can be deleted if needed space.


An example of doing it by hand would be like this;

  • i) Find all indexes associated with the table

SELECT index_name FROM DBA_INDEXES WHERE table_name = table_to_recycle;

  • ii) Rename the indixes obtained in step i

ALTER INDEX index_name_n RENAME TO new_name_n;

  • iii) Rename the table

RENAME TABLE table_to_recycle TO table_recycled;

Remember for all purposes as such table is not deleted .



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