Attach a Cloned OracleHome to the Inventory

Many times it is faster clone an existing OracleHome that to install a new one, these actions are very typical to have the same environments; Production, QA/Test and Development. Maybe the main advantage is time especially if you have to apply patches or oneoffs. The problem we have is when applying patches, for example, when we find a bug in production, we can test the patch to be applied, you must first install it in the QA/Test enviroment or development to check it and do not generate other problems, derived from the installation of the patch.

If we copy the binaries files, these will not be in the inventory, and tasks such as installing a patch can become more complex. So whenever we make a physical copy of the binaries is good idea to attach them to the local inventory. This can be done with the following command.


./runInstaller -silent -attachHome ORACLE_HOME=”\cloneengine\Home_QA” ORACLE_HOME_NAME=”Home_5″





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