Ghost Process on Solaris


Running a ps command to see all pmon processes appears a “ora_pmon_DWH” that is not on this machine after searching his ORACLE_HOME (in this box, each database has its own software) does not appear.Is it a ghost?. After investigating the Sysadmin confirms to me that this machine uses Solaris zones.


I should not see other machines’ processes, reading the man for ps command you can see


    -z zonelist

Lists only processes  in  the  specified

zones.  Zones can be specified either by

name or ID. This option is  only  useful

when executed in the global zone.


From the context we can conclude that by default ps shows all when we are in the “global zone” as it seems to be our case. If we connect to the machine where is the DWH instance and executing the same ps command;


This confirms that we are in a local zone now and only see the pmon of this zone.





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