Get IP-Address in RAC interconnect from Oracle Instance.

Sometimes we have no access to the clusterware and we need to verify or find out the IP of the NIC interconnect. We can get this information in a simple way because Oracle provides two Oracle views, V$CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS and V$CONFIGURED_INTERCONNECTS.

V$CONFIGURED_INTERCONNECTS displays all the interconnects that Oracle is aware of and where Oracle found the information about a specific interconnect. This view have four attributes.

  • NAME, name of the interconnect (such as eth0)
  • IP_ADDRESS, IP address of the interconnect
  • IS_PUBLIC, if the value is YES, the interface is known to the public. If the value is NO to be private
  • SOURCE, indicates where Oracle found the information. CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS parameter, Oracle Cluster Repository (OCR) or Operating-system dependent software


Example in active/active

We connect to all the nodes that make up the cluster and execute the following statement .(In this case there are only two nodes).



Example in active/passive

In this case there is only one instance so we will only get the NIC configured where the instance is running.




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